Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer is just around the corner and the temperature is rising. There are several summer lawn care tips to keep your grass thriving this season. Important summer lawn care services include lawn mowing, fertilizer, and sprinkler adjustments. Let’s go over some tips to keep in mind during the upcoming hot months.

Lawn Mowing Tips for Summer

summer lawn care tips

During the summer, it’s essential to keep your grass taller. A longer lawn helps prevent water evaporation and provides shade for the soil. This also helps your grass develop deeper root systems. It’s also important to schedule mowing so only the top one-third of your lawn is cut. Professional lawn care companies follow the one-third rule to prevent health and appearance issues. Lawn care technicians blow the grass clippings back onto your lawn. This allows the clippings to break down and give nutrients back to your soil. The grass clippings also provide a protective layer from the sun. For an exceptional mowing service, contact a professional lawn care company.

Summer Lawn Fertilizer

One of the most valuable summer lawn care tips is enrolling in a fertilizer program. We recommend a seven step fertilizer program that runs from early spring to winter. During the summer, there are two fertilizer treatments. Lawn technicians will apply these applications at this same time. The Summer and Grub treatments help your lawn keep a healthy green color from the springtime and prevent pests. Contact a professional lawn care company so your lawn gets the proper amount of fertilizer.

Sprinkler Adjustments

A sprinkler system is a great investment for your lawn. The correct amount of water improves the health and appearance of your grass. During the summer, it’s important to adjust sprinklers to compensate for the hotter temperatures. The heat can make your grass wither and turn brittle. Specialists can set your sprinklers to dispense at the correct time of the day so your lawn absorbs water before it evaporates. Contact a professional lawn care company to adjust your sprinklers throughout the year.

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