Summer Lawn Care: What to do in the summer heat

Summer Lawn Care: What to do in the summer heat

Spring is almost over which means a hot summer is right around the corner. How do you protect your lawn in the summer heat? There are a lot of lawn care items you can continue to do for summer lawn care, but a few things you will want to check before the 100 degree weather strikes. Let’s go over them. 

Regular lawn Mowing in overland park and lawn maintenance for summer lawn care

Summer Lawn Care to Continue


Lawn mowing is important to keep consistent. Making sure your lawn stays at a healthy length is essential. Leaving the grass clippings on the lawn allows any nutrients left on it to go back into the soil. This is perfect for the summer months where the sun is beating down on your lawn all day. 


It is important to be a part of a fertilizer program all year round. The results will show when your lawn survives the summer heat. Your lawn needs food just like your body does. A regular fertilizer program is perfect for that. Do not stop your program in the summer. 

Things to Check On

Sprinkler System

Make sure your sprinkler system is turned on and programmed. Your lawn needs more water in the heat of summer than early spring. Make sure you adjust it to that. If you do not have a sprinkler system, it is best to invest in a self watering method. This can include a hose sprinkler that would need to be turned on and off. 

Clean Ups

Make sure your lawn is clean of all debris or anything heavy sitting on it. This will prevent the grass underneath from dying during the heat. Hiring a professional company to take care of this will make sure everything is done in the spring before the heat hits. If items or areas are not cleaned up, it will create dead spots.

A professional lawn care company will make sure your lawn is ready for summer and on a regular schedule. The sooner a company is taking care of your lawn the better its summer lawn care will be. Make sure your lawn withstands the heat.

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