Summer Lawn Maintenance

Summer Lawn Maintenance

Temperatures are rising and summer is just around the corner! Keep up with summer lawn maintenance for a healthy, thriving yard this season. Some essential lawn care services that can help your property are lawn mowing and fertilizer. These services start during the springtime and are important to continue throughout the summer and fall. A lawn care specialist can help you maintain your property and ensure it receives proper care. Let’s go over how summer mowing and fertilizer can help you and your yard.

Summer Mowing

summer lawn maintenance

While the mowing season starts in the springtime, it’s important to keep up with your lawn in the summer. During this time of the year, your grass needs to be kept a little longer. Your lawn can burn and become brittle if it is too short. Additionally, if your grass is too long then it can attract bugs and other pests. Summer lawn maintenance is essential for the health of your grass. A lawn care company can save you time and the effort of taking care of your yard. A lawn care specialist cuts only the top one-third of grass to prevent damage and keep your lawn in good shape. Typically, after cutting your grass, a crew will blow the leftover clippings back onto your lawn. This provides nutrients for your soil and adds a layer of protection from the sun. Contact a lawn care company for summer mowing.

Summer Lawn Fertilizer

Another essential summer lawn care service is fertilizer. Benefits of fertilizer include helping develop deep roots and boosting thickness. We recommend enrolling in a fertilizer program so your lawn gets essential nutrients year round. In this program, there are two summer treatments that are applied at the same time. The Summer and Grub applications help your grass keep a healthy green color from the springtime and they prevent pests. Contact a lawn care company for summer lawn maintenance.

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