Summer Lawn Mowing 2021

Summer Lawn Mowing 2021

The summer heat is coming quickly this year. Everyone is avoiding outside and wants to stay cool. If you do not want to stay outside, how does your lawn feel in the heat all day? How do you protect it? Let’s review what your lawn needs in the summer heat. Summer lawn mowing, watering, and fertilizer will change the way your lawn feels this summer. 


It is important to keep up mowing versus not mowing the whole month of July. This keeps your lawn from getting overgrown. Leave the clippings on the lawn. The clippings have nutrients left in them that can be used to help your lawn in the heat. When mowing, do not cut your lawn too short. This will burn your lawn before the heat does. Cut it at a 3 inch or more height to ensure a healthy length during summer lawn mowing. 

Summer lawn mowing and watering


Make sure you are watering your lawn. Combine watering with summer lawn mowing and your lawn will continue to thrive in the summer. Some watering is better than nothing. Water 2-3 times a week or about 1-2 inches of water a week. Watering in the morning is better for your lawn instead of the heat of the day. If you cannot stick a stake into your lawn, you are not watering enough in the summer. 


Fertilizer is the fuel of your lawn. It gives it the extra boost it needs to get through every season. Starting fertilizer at the beginning of the year is essential. In the midwest we recommend 7 treatments a year. Start these in early spring and continue through winter for the best results. 

Summer lawn mowing and watering are what will keep your lawn alive in the 100 degree weather. Do not neglect these services just because it is hot outside. Hiring a professional lawn care company will keep your lawn in top shape while you can relax outside of the heat. 

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