Summer Lawn Tips

Summer Lawn Tips

Don’t neglect your yard this season! These summer lawn tips can help you maintain your property and help your grass thrive. Some essential services include mowing and adjusting your sprinkler system. Beat the heat and contact a lawn care company to take care of your yard this summer. Lawn specialists can maintain your grass and spare you the time and effort of doing it yourself. Let’s go over mowing and sprinkler tips for summertime.

Summer Lawn Mowing

summer lawn tips

Mowing during the summer is still important to maintain. During this season, your grass needs to stay a bit longer than usual. Keeping your lawn longer helps protect it from the summer heat. It’s also important to follow the one-third rule of mowing. This means that only the top one-third of grass is cut. Cutting more than one-third of your lawn can damage it and cause health issues. A lawn care company can help you out by doing the hard work in the summer heat and making sure your grass is cut to the proper height.

Sprinkler Systems

One of the most crucial summer lawn tips is making sure your grass gets the correct amount of water. Taking care of your sprinkler system is important because it’s a lawn care investment. Adjusting your sprinklers for the summertime can help your grass flourish. An irrigation specialist can check that your system is working correctly and make sure there are no leaks. They can also set your sprinkler system to run at the proper time of day so your grass absorbs water before it evaporates. Contact a lawn and irrigation company to maintain your property this summer and help your lawn thrive.

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