Summer Mowing 2022

Summer Mowing 2022

The hot weather is here in Kansas City! It’s crucial to know the right way to care for your lawn during the scorching heat. Keeping up with your yard will keep it healthy and thriving. Summer mowing is one of the most important lawn services to maintain. Other services to continue are fertilizing and irrigating your yard. Let’s go over mowing and other upkeep that needs to be done in the summer. 

Lawn Mowing Tips

A key aspect of lawn mowing is staying consistent. Your yard will thrive with a regular height and schedule. Bugs and pests might be drawn to your lawn if the grass is too high. If your grass is too short, your lawn could burn and die. Grass should be longer during the summer than in the springtime. For summertime, your lawn should be about three inches tall. This will help protect your yard from the summer heat. Leave any leftover lawn clippings on your grass. Clippings provide nutrients for the soil and a protective layer from the sun. Make sure to keep up with summer mowing so your lawn can thrive.

Summer Lawn Tips

Other critical summer lawn services include fertilizer and irrigation. Fertilizer helps build a solid foundation of deep root systems. It will also improve the thickness and color of your grass. In the summertime, there are two fertilizer treatments. The summer application helps your lawn retain color from the spring. The grub application helps prevent pests. These treatments are applied at the same time. Irrigation is also extremely important for your lawn in the summertime. Water your grass so it can survive the hot weather. The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning. Grass will absorb the water before it evaporates.  

Help your lawn thrive by planning for summer mowing, fertilizer, and irrigation. Contact a professional landscaping company to assist you with these services.

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