Summer Mowing

Summer Mowing

Summer is the time to spend relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. To get the most out of your lawn this season, keep up with summer mowing. Other vital summer lawn care services include fertilizer and adjusting your sprinkler system. Let’s go over how summer lawn care can help your property this season.

Lawn Mowing During Summer

summer mowing

In the late spring and early summer, the Midwest typically gets a great deal of rain. This causes your grass to grow considerably faster. Mowing during the summer can be a hassle to keep up with because of lawn growth. A professional lawn care company can properly take care of your property during this season. During the summer, your grass needs to be kept a little longer than the rest of the year. If your grass height is too short for the summer, then it can wither and become brittle. It’s also extremely important to follow the one-third rule of mowing. This rule means that the top one-third of your grass is cut. If more than a third of your lawn is cut, then your lawn can suffer from health and appearance issues. A professional lawn care technician will follow these rules and give your lawn the best care possible.

Summer Lawn Care Services

While mowing is an essential part of lawn care, there are other summer services to keep in mind. Two of the most important services are fertilizer and adjusting your sprinkler system. We recommend a fertilizer program that includes two applications during the summer. The Summer and Grub treatments are applied at the same time. The Summer application helps your lawn retain a healthy green color, while the Grub application prevents bugs and pests. Summer fertilizer gives your grass the nutrients it needs to thrive during this season. Adjusting your sprinkler system is a crucial part of summer lawn care. Your lawn needs to get water during the hot months. A specialist can program your system to run so your grass absorbs water before it evaporates. Contact a professional lawn care company for your summer lawn maintenance.

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