Summer Sprinkler Adjustment

Summer Sprinkler Adjustment

The weather is heating up! Help your lawn get the water it needs during this season with a summer sprinkler adjustment. Your grass has different needs due to the changing weather. Other important summer lawn care services include mowing and fertilizer. Contact an irrigation and lawn care specialist to take care of your home this season. Let’s go over how adjusting your sprinkler system and using mowing and fertilizer services can help your lawn thrive.

Sprinkler Adjustment

summer sprinkler adjustment

Due to hotter weather, a summer sprinkler adjustment is necessary for the health of your lawn. The high temperatures can dry out your grass and make it brittle. During the summertime, the schedule and amount of water your lawn is receiving needs an update to compensate for the weather. An irrigation technician can help your lawn by programming your sprinkler system to run at the correct times. This allows your grass to absorb the water before it evaporates. An irrigation specialist can also double check that your sprinkler system is working properly and can tell you if there is an issue. Contact an irrigation company to adjust your sprinkler system for the summertime.

Summer Lawn Care

Other summer lawn care services that can help you this season include mowing and fertilizer. During the summer, it’s crucial to keep your grass a little longer. This helps protect your lawn from the hot temperatures. Blowing the leftover grass clippings is also important to do because it adds nutrients to the soil and provides protection from the sun. Fertilizer is also essential during the summer. We recommend enrolling in a fertilizer program that lasts throughout the year. In this program, there are two fertilizer treatments that are applied at the same time. The Summer and Grub applications help your grass keep a healthy green color and prevent pests. Contact a lawn care company to maintain your grass for the summer.

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