Surviving Summer: Lawn Care Edition

Surviving Summer: Lawn Care Edition

Lawn care during midwest summers make things hot and dry. It feels like it doesn’t rain for months at a time and your lawn is feeling it too. As our skin burns in the hot sun, your grass can burn too without proper care. As our previous articles have stated, lawn care is very important to your home value and even quality of life. Summer is one of the harshest seasons for your grass and you need to take care of it. Here are some tips to help your lawn survive the summer.


Water, water, water. Watering is so important during droughts. When having a sprinkler system, it is important to water more in times like this than what you normally would. Do not forget to change your sprinkler schedule. 

If you do not have a sprinkler system, consider installing one. Sprinkler systems are a long term investment that only help your lawn. A one time install and regular maintenance will cost less in the long run, then constantly having to rehab your lawn from burning grass or lack of nutrients.


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We have said it once and we will say it again, fertilizer matters! In the midwest, it is recommended to have 7 treatments a year. All of which provide different nutrients during different seasons to promote grass health and growth. Without this, your grass is strictly reliant on sunlight and water. When it is summer and hotter than ever, water is not enough. Give your grass its best chance by adding fertilizer to your regular lawn care routine.

Clean Ups:

Getting a spring clean up is important. Debris from winter left on your lawn will kill and destroy your grass. It is not too late to get a clean up. We recommend performing a leaf removal/fall clean up before winter and a clean up after winter. Snow sits on your lawn all winter causing pressure to anything left on it before snowfall hit. As we know in the midwest, winters are harsh and can cause damage to trees. Make sure that is all removed before your lawn faces the summer heat.


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Consistency matters to your lawn. Cutting your grass at the same height on a regular schedule promotes healthy grass growth. It is just like getting a haircut. The more consistently you cut your hair, the healthier and thicker it grows back. Give your lawn the same love with regular mowing. Hiring a lawn care company that will put you on their regular schedule is the best way to say on top of grass cutting.

The combination of all of these lawn care services are how your lawn is going to survive the heat of the summer. Just providing your lawn with one service will not do the trick. It is important to provide your lawn the best chance that it has to come through the heat of the summer stronger and ready to face the winter. Consulting your lawn care provider will provide you with a customized plan for your lawn. 

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