Thanksgiving Lawn Care Prep 101

Thanksgiving Lawn Care Prep 101

Thanksgiving is next week! This year is flying by. We do understand that a lot of families will not be gathering this year to social distance in this uncertain time. Lawn care does not stop during the holidays. The grass still grows. There might not be the annual backyard football game, but your Thanksgiving lawn care still needs to be completed this year. By completing these services you can improve your lawn during the holiday season.

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Leaf Removal

We all know that when the leaves fall, it is a beautiful time of the year. After all the trees have shed their leaves they do need to be removed. Although colorful, leaves left on the ground create dead spots, attract fungus, and can attract pests and small rodents to your property. We recommend 2-3 leaf removals a year for a healthy lawn.

Winterize Sprinkler System

This topic is not discussed enough when homeowners think of their sprinkler systems. It is vital to winterize your sprinkler system each year. This is the process of blowing out your system to ensure that there is no water left that can freeze during the winter. Freezing can damage your system and take time and money in the spring to repair.

Snow Removal

Nothing feels better during the holidays than a little snow. However, it is dangerous. Snow removal services guarantee that you are all set during the holidays for any guest or unexpected grocery trips. Your local landscaping company can perform snow removal and make sure your driveway and walkways are cleared during a snow event.

Clean Up

Sticks, rocks, brush, and other debris left on your lawn or beds throughout the winter creates dead spots. Once it starts to snow or rain those items set into the ground even more and become worse. It is important to take care of this before any serious snowfall hits.

Even though family might not be visiting this year for the holidays it is still time to get your lawn in shape with some Thanksgiving lawn care. Staying in a routine is important in times like these and your lawn relies on that to continue thriving. Performing these services now will save you money and time in the spring that would have been spent on recovering the lawn. It’s not only the holiday season, it’s Thanksgiving lawn care season. 

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