This or That Gift Guide: Landscaping Lovers Edition

This or That Gift Guide: Landscaping Lovers Edition

It is that time of year where we all try to think of the perfect gift to get the person who has everything. To make it a little easier on everyone this year, we have created a this or that list for the lawn care or landscaping lover in your life. Skip getting someone something you think they want this year and get them something they need. Landscaping is the perfect gift for any homeowner. Let’s go through the perfect options for them!

a gift guide for landscaping lovers

Rake or Leaf Removal

Giving the gift of a rake is a little tricky. It says “I think you could use this, or at least you should.” This can come off passive aggressive quickly. Getting your loved one a full leaf removal instead says “I value your time and do not want you raking leaves for a whole weekend.” This sends a positive message of love and care. Leaf removals are more expensive than a rake. Once again, it is about the value of their time not just giving them a gift just to get them something.

Flowers or Landscaping Services

Giving flowers is always a solid gift. It lets people know you were thinking about them and wanted to get them something beautiful. If the intention of this is so that they can plant something for their home custom landscaping is a better option. As soon as people hear that they think that it will be wildly expensive. You can get a landscaping company to clean up beds or only spend a certain amount of hours on a property. These are lower cost options to give someone landscaping help this Christmas.

Mowing or a Lawn Mower

Giving someone a lawn mower is a large gift! Consider purchasing lawn mowing services for them instead. If both are out of the gift budget, purchase them a few mowings prepaid through a lawn care company. This way if they have a hard week or are going on vacation they can have the peace of mind that with one call they can make sure their lawn is taken care of. 

There are pros and cons to each gift whether it be the price or longevity of the item, but overall they are things that people need and can use. Skip giving someone a gift that they will use once or never even open and get the gift of lawn care and landscaping this year. It is an easy way to make sure everyone gets what they want this Christmas. 

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