Top 4 Lawn Care Needs In Lee’s Summit

Top 4 Lawn Care Needs In Lee’s Summit

Lawn care in Lee’s Summit MO is comprised of 4 basic areas. They each need attention to have a flourishing lawn in the area. Proper lawn care and landscaping can increase property value up to 15%. Taking care of your lawn is not only investing in your current happiness, but also your future financial portfolio. Here are the 4 lawn care in Lee’s Summit services that need to be top on your list this year.

1. Mowing

Lawn care in lee's summit

Mowing, mowing, mowing. The most basic service of all lawn care. Mowing is the most neglected service of all. Even though you are mowing your lawn every week, mowing in the same pattern can reduce grass growth. It is important to mix up the direction you’re mowing. Trimming needs to be done with every mow to prevent any weed growth. Lush lawns with great coloring start with mowing, do not neglect the basics. Hiring a lawn care company to take care of your lawn insures that it will be properly taken care of, even when you don’t have time to do it. 

2. Fertilizer

In the midwest there are 7 recommended treatments of fertilizer a year. Each of these is customized to the weather at the time of application. There is a spot spraying treatment for weeds included in each treatment, when hiring a professional. Being a certified fertilizer applicator means that you have completed courses in fertilizer chemical mixing, documentation, and application processes. A business cannot apply fertilizer without a certified applicator on staff. Always ask for credentials before hiring a professional.

3. Landscaping

Lawn care in Lee’s Summit has to consist of landscaping. When most people think of landscaping they think of large displays of bushes and flowers. Landscaping is as small as a window flower bed. Typically it includes mulch, beds, clean-ups, rock, and other various landscaping installations and redos. Do not take on a large landscaping project without checking for electrical or water lines first. When completing a landscaping project, consult a professional. This is the #1 lawn care in Lee’s Summit item that can raise your property value the most, make sure it is done right the first time.

4. Drainage

Pools of water developing every time it rains causes complications. Drainage issues can cause foundation damage and be the reason that you cannot grow grass or other plants in an area. Drainage is the first thing that needs fixed before taking on a lawn care renovation. A custom solution is the only way the pooling is going to go away. This is more common than what people think, but will not fix itself. This is a job for a professional. I do not advise taking on a drain job without experience, to insure it is done correctly.

Maintaining lawn care in Lee’s Summit is not always easy. Everyone gets busy and unexpected events come up. Hiring a lawn care company solves your problem of making time. They will make sure your lawn is taken care of at all times. Invest in your property by investing in your lawn care.

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