Top 5 Lawn Care Tips For Fall

Top 5 Fall Lawn Care Tips

  1. Aeration perforates the soil with holes to allow air, water and nutrients straight to the roots. This increases the oxygen movement, helps prevent runoff, improves fertilization, and much more. Why do you need to use aeration? Aeration allows your grass to grow deeper roots and produce a stronger and healthier lawn. It also makes overseeding easier. 
  2. Overseeding is the process of heavily seeding areas in the lawn that are showing low growth. It increases weed tolerance and improves drought tolerance. Fall is the best time to make sure your lawn does not become worse in the dry winter season.
  3. Leaf removal is a huge key to you fall landscaping. Not only do they make your lawn unsightly, but they can suffocate your lawn. This is often a task that people want to do themselves, but after starting to removal leaves, most people do not finish. Hiring a lawn care company can make this task fast and affordable for you.
  4. Trees and shrubs need trimming and pruning in the fall. Pruning at the wrong time of the year can damage the fruit and flowers that grow there. This is also used to let more light into the yard and improve grass growth.
  5. Tree and shrub pruning also can improve the appearance of the yard.Applying new mulch in the fall can help to protect plants in the winter. It gives the yard a new life to enjoy again in the fall and early winter. This can often be a forgotten with all the other fall clean up projects that need done.


All of these are essential to the fall lawn care that is needed to keep your lawn looking beautiful. The easiest way to make sure all of these are being taken care of, it to hiring a lawn care service like LDK Lawn Services. LDK Lawn Services can give you a free quote on any of your lawn care needs.

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