Topsoil in Kansas City

Topsoil in Kansas City

Spring projects are here! Not only is the weather changing but spring cleaning and projects are in the air. Do not forget your lawn this spring! Between mowing, fertilizer, and landscaping projects there is a service to note that can help your plants and lawn thrive this year. Topsoil is not uncommon to use on residential properties. Let’s go over some of the ways to use topsoil. 

Plant Health

Topsoil starts by adding extra nutrients for your plants. Those nutrients will help give your plants a noticeable difference in a short period of time. It also protects your plants and the roots. Covering exposed roots will allow the nutrients and water to be stored and held in the topsoil. That creates a healthy environment. 

This can help to reduce the harsh climate effect on your plant life. Regulating the temperature and moisture with topsoil creates a consistent environment. This helps the plants thrive. Being proactive in the spring will save your plants during the heat of the summer.


Residential lawns are all shapes and sizes. Not all shapes are ideal for drainage and use of your lawn. Water that flows towards your house can cause erosion and damage to your foundation. Topsoil can be used to level out the lawn and create a slope that will reduce let water flow away from your home. 

It is also used to level out lawns. Some lawns are unusable due to areas being so sloped or dipping. Leveling out the lawn will make the area usable and add value to your home. A professional will be able to bring in equipment to complete the job faster and easier. 

A professional lawn care company will be able to evaluate all of the property and give you a fair estimate on the time and cost to get your lawn in top shape. Do not let this spring pass by without caring for your lawn. 

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