What a Landscaping Cleanups Can Do For You

What a Landscaping Cleanups Can Do For You

Whether you have just moved into a home or have been in the same home for years, you have some landscaping features. It can be as small as a flower bed or stone path way to a large display with trees, water features, and more. These areas do need regular maintenance and can become overgrown quickly. Landscaping cleanups are essential for your property value and plant life. Here is what you need to know about regular landscaping cleanup.


Maintaining your landscaping features is not just for looks, but for your plant life. If areas are not properly cleaned and taken care of, it will start to kill the plant life. Weeds and other pests will start to live on your property and take over the area. Landscaping cleanups will prevent this and allow your features to grow and flourish around your home. If you are considering selling your home, landscaping can add up to 15% in property value. That alone is enough to start investing in your lawn.

How Often:

Landscaping cleanups need to be performed more than once a year. Pending the kind of plant life will affect how often. Most areas need attention once a month to every 6 weeks. If you see your plant life growing faster than that, consider going to a 2-3 week schedule. Always consult a professional to ensure that the best method is being used for your plant life. 

landscaping cleanups help your plant life


Who is going to take care of all of this? No one wants to add more work to their already busy schedule. A professional landscaping company will come and estimate your regular maintenance. From there they can make sure your beds are taken care of as often as they need to be. You will not have to call to schedule every appointment, they will take care of it for you. This is what they do for a living, they are the experts. Give your property the best chance by hiring a professional landscaping company. Doing it yourself may save money now, but if done incorrectly will cost more than having a professional do it from the beginning. 

Maintaining your property regularly will insure less cost in the future. Putting off landscaping and other outdoor jobs such as drainage and grading can cost more in the future. The longer a project goes without attention the worse it will get and the more it will cost. Consider this before putting off your lawn one more week. Always consult a professional before undergoing any large landscaping or lawn projects to avoid any damage that will cost more in the future. 

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