What Is Means to be a Landscape Designer

What Is Means to be a Landscape Designer

Landscape designing in Kansas City and other parts of the United States is a growing industry. A lot of people do not know all the work it takes to be a successful landscape designer. This is a basic breakdown of what a landscaper does.

How do you become a landscape designer?

People can become a landscape designer one or two ways. The first way is going to school to be a landscape designer. Most of the time that includes a degree in horticulture with an emphasis in landscape design. Another degree that is possible is landscape architecture. The other way to become a landscape designer is in field experience. It does take a lot of time to develop those skills, but if you are motivated and willing to learn you can become a landscape designer without a formal education.

What does a landscape designer do?

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A landscape designer is typically the person in a construction or lawn care business who communicates with all current and future customers who are interested in landscaping. They have an extensive knowledge of horticulture and are experts on what a customers lawn needs.

Designers start by going over what the customer wants/needs. They also advise on what would be best for the property based on the customer’s budget. After that they draw up a plan to visually show the customer what they will be getting. Some landscape designers still draw by hand, but a lot of them use an online program since it is easier to make changes on. Next they will get their crew together and begin transforming the property. Sometimes this does require the landscaper to train employees on methods and proper installation. Throughout the process the designer is the contact for the customer and will be answering their questions. At the end of the project, the landscaper will walk the project with the customer to ensure they are satisfied with the work that was done.

There are several variations of a landscapers day to day duties. They do include: customer service, sales, employee training, and quality control. Keep in mind there are different task that come with each job. No landscaping project is the same.

Being a landscape designer also means keeping up with horticulture and constantly educating yourself on new trends. A lot of customers do not know what will work best in their yard, it is the designers job to know.

What Now?

If you are considering a job in landscaping the fastest way to gain the knowledge you need, would be getting a degree in landscape architecture or horticulture. An education is no substitute for in field experience when it comes to building the physical features. The best advice if you are wanting to enter the business of landscape design is to continue to educate yourself throughout the experience.

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