Why Is My Grass Dying?

Why Is My Grass Dying?

Are you having issues with growing grass? Does your grass keep dying and you do not know why? There are some common homeowner mistakes that are made every year causing your grass to die. Grass dying is an issue that can cost you thousands of dollars in a year to help  your lawn grow. Let’s go over some common reason why your grass dies on your property. 


Grass dying can be caused every year in the fall and winter months by suffocation. This is often caused by leaves and other debris from trees. This can be prevented by cleaning up your leaves every fall. As a landscaping company, we recommend doing this twice in the fall to prevent a large build up and once in late winter to take care of any debris from the harsh snow. This alone will cause your grass to come back patchy and brown in the spring. 

drainage issue fixing grass dying in overland park

Lack of Drainage

Fixing any drainage issue will change any dead grass areas. Without proper drainage for your lawn, your grass never has a chance to grow. It is constantly washing away any seed that was put down or drowning the roots. No matter what you do for your lawn, if you have drainage issues it will never survive. This is an easy fix by consulting with a landscaping company to install a drainage plan for your lawn. These projects can take as little as one day to one week for more complicated issues. The cost of a drain will be money you are no longer spending on seed or sod each year that is not going to take. It will pay for itself over time.

Poor Irrigation

Grass is dying because of poor irrigation. Each year when it is time to seed or even install sod on your property for the first time, it will die if you do not water it. Not every property needs an irrigation system. However, if you do not water your grass, it will not live. Sprinkler systems are vital to any plant life on your property. Without water, it will not grow. Always take this seriously when considering what is going wrong on your property. 

These are not the only things that can be wrong with your grass dying, but they are common and large issues. Stopping these items now means saving money and heartache in the long run. Start seeing changes and results instead of grass dying by contacting a landscaping specialist today. 

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