Why Is My Grass Not Growing?

Why Is My Grass Not Growing?

Grass not growing? Here’s what’s happening.

Are you wondering why your grass isn’t growing? Kansas City has an ever changing climate that can make it difficult to maintain a healthy lawn. A large amount of residents are seeing dead spots in their lawn or cannot keep them green and weed free. Here is why you’re Kansas City lawn is not growing.


Everyone wants a green lush lawn! Weeds can pop up anywhere and then be everywhere. What do you do to get rid of them? Of course weed control applications can get rid of the weeds, but to prevent it in the future the lawn needs regular fertilizer applications. Fertilizer applications keeps your lawn green and prevents weeds from returning in the future.

Lack of Water

If you are doing everything you can think of to save your lawn and it is still dying, then it’s time to look into an irrigation system. In Kansas City rain does not stop in the spring, but summer is very dry. Installing an irrigation system can be the key to your lawns survival from June to October.

Beautiful green grass with landscaping in the Kansas City area

Lack of Sunlight

A large amount of trees on the property will reduce the amount of sun that your grass can get. The solution is to trim your tree back to cover most of the lawn. Directly under the tree can be the larger issue. The best way to handle that is by adding a tree ring and putting mulch in it. When it comes to under the tree it is something that cannot be prevented, but doesn’t have to be an eye swore.


We LOVE our pets, but our grass does not. Dogs and other household pets have been known to kill grass. The best solution to pets in a lawn is to maintain a healthy lawn all around. Regular mowing, fertilizer, and watering are great to counter pet wear in a yard. Aeration and overseeding will help grass grow back, but it has to be roped off so pets cannot get in and watered heavily until it is fully grown.

Lawns are complicated and take a lot of work to maintain. There could be multiple reasons why your lawn is not growing, these are the most common. If you do not think one these fits your lawn, then it is time to call a professional. A professional will come and evaluate your lawn to find the reason your lawn is not growing.

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