Why Mowing Companies Matter

Why Mowing Companies Matter

Mowing, the most dreaded of all lawn care jobs. It happens every week for 9 months. Why do you even need to mow? Is it really necessary? Yes, mowing is necessary. Mowing companies near you will be able to advise you on exactly what your lawn needs, but overall this is why you are mowing.

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Lawn Health

Mowing is the key factor to a healthy lawn. Any mowing company will tell you that well kept grass is the key to a pest free lawn. Taller grass attracts more rodents and small pests than a well kept lawn. It also reduces the amount of fleas that can attack your furry family. Keep them safe and clean by providing basic lawn care to them.

Grass Height

Most people think that cutting your grass short will mean you have to mow it less often. That is true in the sense that cutting it short will burn the grass and create dead spots on your lawn. Grass should be between 3-4 inches for a healthy lawn height.

How Often Should You Mow?

Mowing companies will tell you that each lawn is different and to mow based on that. Most lawns need to be moved once every 5-9 days. The average lawn is once a week. In the heat of summer (June and July) skipping a week is not uncommon to avoid burning the grass.

Other services

Fertilizer plays a big role in lawn health as well. 7 applications a year is what is recommended and has been proven to keep a lawn healthy and weed free. Aeration is the process of creating cork size holes in the ground so that grass roots can breathe and get proper nutrients. This allows your grass to breathe and flourish during harsh seasons. Leaf removal matters too. As a mowing company we often hear “What is the point of removing leaves?” Great question. Leaves that are left on the ground suffocate the grass. Then snow falls and compacts it even more. If you want lush grass for the spring, you need to have a leaf removal.

Mowing does matter. Any mowing company will say that it matters. Not just because they are in the mowing business, but because they have seen lawns destroyed. A professional mowing company makes or breaks the level of care your grass receives. You no longer have to waste your time on mowing and spend it doing what you love.

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