Why Mowing Matters

Why Mowing Matters

Are you mowing properly on your own, or is it time to hire a professional?

Mowing is not as easy and simple as most residents think it is. A professional mowing company can tell you exactly what your lawn needs. If you choose to take care of your homes lawn care on your own instead of hiring a professional mowing company, here are the basics of mowing that you need to know.

What does mowing do for your lawn?

Curb appeal: Having curb appeal can increase your property value up to 15%. Green grass alone creates curb appeal. Proper mowing is just one of the many things you can do to increase property value. Landscaping projects can also change the way that future buyers see your home.

Grass Length: Mowing at the correct length and time of the year reduces the amount of unwanted insects and animals in your lawn. If your grass is too long then some unwanted animals could wander in.

Are you mowing correctly?

Proper length of the grass: Make sure you are taking your climate into consideration when choosing a grass length. 2-2.5 inches is a good length of grass for the Kansas City area.

Proper Mower: is your mower right for your lawn. You can over do it with a mower and purchase one that is too large for your lawn or does not create the right length for your lawn. When you hire a professional lawn mowing company, there is no need to purchase or store equipment for your lawn. They will take care of the whole thing.

How often: Are you mowing enough or too much? Any professional mowing company will advise you not to mow on wet or dry grass. Wet grass can clump, damage your mower, and suffocate your lawn. Mowing on dry grass too often will burn the grass.

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What happens when you don’t mow correctly?

Burnt Lawn: Mowing your lawn too often and too short can burn your lawn. In the heat of the summer mowing once a week is average in the Kansas City area. If you are mowing more than that, then it will damage or burn your lawn. Burnt lawns do not grow and cannot protect your property from certain parasites.

Overgrown grass: Overgrown grass is not only unsightly, but can often get you a fine from your local HOA or city. Everywhere in the Kansas City area has regulations on grass length.

Weeds: Improved mowing and proper lawn care creates an environment that makes it hard for weeds to grow in.

How to avoid destroying your lawn:

Proper Length: Make sure your lawn is not too long or too short. It matters!

Watch the weather: Do not mow if your grass is not growing! Rain and draughts effect mowing times. Make sure you are watching the weather. For example: If it is going to rain 2 days in a row, to avoid a tall lawn, it is best to mow before the rain starts.

Regular mowing: Mow your lawn on a regular biases.

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