Winter Fertilizer

Winter Fertilizer

There are many ways to prepare your property for the upcoming cold season. A service that will benefit your lawn is winter fertilizer. Additional maintenance to keep in mind includes leaf removal and planning for snow removal. Let’s go over how these services will help you and your lawn during winter.

Importance of Winter Fertilizer

winter fertilizer

The last treatment of our fertilizer program is winterizer. This application provides food to your grass during the winter. It also promotes earlier spring green-up and a healthy root system. Another benefit of winterizer is that it improves your lawn’s tolerance to cold temperatures. A fertilizer program is essential for your lawn care. It ensures that your grass is getting the proper nutrients all year round. It also improves your lawn’s ability to prevent weeds and retain water. Contact a professional lawn care company to apply the correct amount of fertilizer for your lawn.

Other Winter Services

There are other winter services that have many advantages for your property. Leaf removal is an important part of late fall and early winter maintenance. Make sure to remove leaves from your yard before snow falls. If they are left on your lawn, they will compress beneath the snow and suffocate your grass. Planning for snow removal is an essential part of winter maintenance. You will still need to continue your busy life after snow falls. Having a plan for getting snow removed from your driveway and walkways will give you peace of mind.

Winter fertilizer, leaf removal, and planning for snow removal are all services to keep in mind during this season. They have many benefits for you and your lawn. Contact a professional lawn care company to take care of your property this winter.

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