Winter Guide to Lawn Care

Winter Guide to Lawn Care

Winter Guide to Lawn Care


Winter can be hard on your lawn! By taking the precautions listed below, your lawn can survive the cold and snow that winter brings.


  1. Fertilizing in the Winter

    Your grass does not get all the nutrients that it needs all year round. Fertilizer gives your grass the extra nutrients that it needs to grow strong and survive the winter. By applying a fertilizer application to your lawn in the winter, you are giving it the extra boost it needs to come back full and strong in the spring.

  2. Keep Your Lawn Clear

    Items such as patio furniture, play sets, lawn ornaments, and debris along a fence line will create dead spots on your lawn if left there all winter. Removing these items or moving their position on the lawn several time throughout the winter can prevent dead spots from happening.

  3. Mowing Until the Grass Stops Growing

    Waiting until your grass is done mowing can mean mowing your lawn into late fall. As long as the grass is growing, cut it. Keeping the grass well groomed even in late fall makes sure all the nutrients possible can reach the roots as long as they can.

  4. Stay Off the Lawn

    Staying off the lawn is vital to your lawns survival in the winter. Make sure that your driveway and sidewalks are cleared of snow so that you or your guest do not feel the need to walk on your lawn. The more that people walk on the lawn while the lawn is dry or covered in snow the more damaging their steps can be.

  5. Fall Lawn Preparation 

    1. Aerating & Overseeding– Aeration is the process of creating holes in the ground so that oxygen and nutrients can reach the soil. Seeding the lawn after this processes allows grass to create healthy roots.
    2. Leaf Removal– Leaves will suffocate your lawn if they are not removed. If it has already snowed and your leaves have not been removed, be careful when raking. Raking into the mud can cause grass roots to come up or be exposed to the elements creating dead spots in your lawn.

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