Winter Landscaping in Kansas City

Winter Landscaping in Kansas City

Fall turns into winter quickly in the midwest and there is still winter landscaping to be done. Among the normal snow removal services, several landscaping companies are still performing other services. There is a large misconception that during the winter there are no other services that can be completed, but that is not true. Here are some services that can be completed during the cold midwest winters.


Fertilizer is a year long process that does not stop in winter. In the Kansas City area we recommend a winterizer application that is applied before the end of the year. This is the last step in the 7 application program for the year. 

Leaf Removal

Winter landscaping services

Snow can fall as early as September some years. This does not stop your lawn from needing a leaf removal. We recommend 2-3 leaf removals a year. Leaf removals keep your lawn from growing fungus and suffocating throughout the hard winter weather. 


This includes brush piles, weeds, piles of rock, or anything that is sitting on your lawn without a purpose. The longer these piles or items sit on your property, the worse the dead spot becomes. That will take more work to recover the lawn. Winter does not need to postpone your clean up, get started on that today. 

Custom Landscaping

Every property is different and is treated that way. Custom landscaping projects are still available in the winter. Whether you need a new wall, patio, or drain we will come out and evaluate the property to give you a customer solution. 

Winterize Sprinkler System

If you have a sprinkler system, you need to have your sprinklers winterized. Winterizing is the process of blowing out your sprinkler system and shutting it off. This protects your system from freezing and damaging during the cold winter days and nights.

Your landscaping does not shut down in the winter. Take care of it all year. Winter landscaping allows for your lawn to grow back lush and green in the fall with less recovery. It always cost more to recover your lawn in the spring than to protect it in the fall and winter. Give your lawn the winter landscaping it needs.

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