Winter Lawn Care 2021

Winter Lawn Care 2021

Winter does not mean that lawn care stops for the year. There are a few things your residential or commercial business needs before the first snowfall of the year. Let’s go over 3 vital services for your lawn to keep it happy and healthy. Here are your winter lawn care needs. 

leaf removal for winter lawn care in kansas city

Leaf Removal

Leaves will stay on your lawn and suffocate your grass. A lot of people think that is not likely since they are so light on the lawn. That is true until they are stepped on, rained on, or snowed on. They are also blocking your lawn from getting any sunlight or nutrients. We recommend 2-3 leaf removals a year to prevent damage and having to recover the lawn in the spring.

Winterize Sprinkler System

If you have a sprinkler system, you have to winterize it as part of your winter lawn care every year. This is the process of pushing out any water left in the system. It has to be done before the ground freezes. Winterizing your sprinkler system prevents pipes from becoming damaged by freezing over winter. Broken pipes can be costly to fix if this is not done. Most lawn and landscaping companies can do this for you. 


The last recommended fertilizer treatment of the year in the midwest is the winter treatment. Winter fertilizer applications provide food to the lawn during the winter. It also promotes an early spring green-up on your lawn. Overall it gives the lawn a healthy root system through the dry harsh winters. 

;Winter lawn care is what prevents someone from having to recover their lawn in the spring. It will always cost less to provide your lawn with the correct services now instead of fixing it later from damage. Contacting a local lawn and landscaping company to care for your lawn will ensure that everything is done on time and correctly. 

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