Winter Patio Maintenance

Winter Patio Maintenance

You’ve enjoyed your concrete or paver patio all spring, summer, and fall. Now it’s time to make sure it stays beautiful after the harsh winter weather. Winter patio maintenance is just as important as warm weather maintenance. Make sure your patio and furniture are ready for you the first warm spring day!

Patio Maintenance

Sweep Away All Leaves

Make sure your patio is clear. Leafs can hold chemicals and dirt in them and if they are not removed that will sit on your patio all winter long. This can damage concrete and pavers. Make sure all leaves are swept off your patio. Best practices are sweeping once-twice a week while leaves are falling to avoid a large build up.

Remove Weeds

Weed roots can be large enough they can shove pavers out of the way and destroy your patio. Applying a herbicide throughout the year will prevent most, if not all, weeds from growing in the area. If you happen to have some left, make sure to take care of the issue when you see it. Remove the whole root of the weed to prevent future growth.

Light Power Washing

Clean the patio before and after winter. For paver patios a light power wash from a distance is best. Do not use high pressure at a close distance, it can cause damage to the pavers. Make sure to check your manufacturer maintenance before cleaning.

Hardscaping patio being built

Replace Broken Material

Once winter is over, check your patio for any damage that was caused by snow and ice. Get those areas repaired before using in the spring to prevent further damage.

Patio Furniture Maintenance

Cushion Cleaning

Clean all cushions and pillows before storing them. Make sure they are completely dry to avoid mold growing while in storage. Storing patio cushions before any harsh weather, including rainstorms and snowstorms, will help them keep their quality longer.

Furniture Cleaning

Cleaning furniture on a regular basis is what keeps it nice longer. Most patio furniture just need a mild soap and water to keep it clean. Cleaning before and after winter keeps the dirt from seeping in. If your furniture has rust, clean with a mild soap and water then sand down the rust area and repaint it.

Winter patio maintenance is important. Taking steps to maintain your patio now will save you money and time down the road. Even after the first snow, it is not too late to step in and start taking care of your patio. If you patio needs repaired, contact a professional before making repairs that could make the patio worse. The issue can be deeper or more complicated than what it seems. 

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