Winterize Your Yard

Winterize Your Yard

It’s getting chilly outside! Winterize your yard to prepare your property for the colder weather and to help it thrive when spring arrives. Essential services to keep in mind this season include fertilizer and sprinkler winterization. Making sure your yard is ready for wintertime is extremely important and has numerous benefits. Let’s go over the services that can help you and your property this winter.

Winter Yard Fertilizer

winterize your yard

Fertilizer is a lawn care service that is useful year-round. It provides crucial nutrients to keep your grass happy and healthy. Some benefits of fertilizer include helping develop deep root systems and diminishing weeds. We recommend enrolling in a fertilizer program that starts in early spring and ends in winter. This program has seven applications that provide the necessary nutrients your grass needs throughout the different seasons. The last treatment of the program is the Winterizer application. This treatment provides food to your grass during the winter. It boosts the root systems of your grass and promotes an earlier spring green-up. Winterize your yard to help your grass bounce back in the springtime.  

Winterize Your Sprinklers

Your sprinkler system is a significant lawn care investment. To properly take care of it, you need winterization services. If water is left in your sprinklers, it can freeze and cause damage to your system. Your sprinklers will also not be ready to activate in the spring. Contact a professional to winterize your sprinkler system. A technician will blow out your system with compressed air. They will apply the correct air pressure and volume to properly blow out your sprinklers. Make sure to winterize your yard to prevent damage and be ready to go in the spring.

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