Working in Lawn Care

Working in Lawn Care

Working in lawn care is not for everyone. It is hard work and requires some hours in the sun. That being said, people who love being outdoors thrive working in lawn care. It is a field where you can work with your hands, learn new skills, and meet new people. Lawn care will keep you out of the office desk routine and enjoying what you do everyday. With the chance of a new project each week or day, it is a field that will keep you on your toes and in shape. Now that you are interested in lawn care here is what you need to know next.

How to Apply

Applying to a lawn care company is the easy part. Most will have profiles on platforms such as Indeed and other hiring services. This is a great way to apply and read the job description. If you call the company directly, they will have an email that you can send a resume to. Going into the office is another way to fill out the application right then.  The best way to apply will be with a resume through a platform or through email since most companies are electronic now.  

After that a company will contact you for an interview or phone screening. Each company’s process will be different. It is good practice to call or email to follow up with any interview.

employee working in lawn care on a mulch bed.

Work Expectations

When you begin working in lawn care you can expect to have a training period. Even if you have experience, every company will have different procedures. Take the time to learn about the company during this and how you fit in. 

Something to expect when you start working in manual labor for the first time is muscle soreness. This is common and often not mentioned. Please take the time to hydrate and rest your muscles when needed. Follow all safety precautions to ensure that soreness does not lead to injury.

What to Bring

It is important to bring a water bottle or jug to keep you hydrated on the jobsite. Wear boots to work or close toed shoes. Always wear long pants to protect your legs. Other than that, follow your company’s uniform requirements. 

A credible lawn care company will provide all the equipment that you will need for a job site. The main task will be arriving at their shop or warehouse for the day dressed ready to work. Some start up companies may require you to bring your own equipment, be weary of these and the liability of using your own equipment instead. 

Now that you know how to apply, the expectations, and what to bring to work, it is time to start working in lawn care. Find a company that will be able to satisfy your working needs by being outside and maintaining a safe work environment. Start by applying here at LDK Lawn Services.

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