Yard Drainage Solutions

Yard Drainage Solutions

Heavy rainfall can reveal issues within your lawn’s drainage process. There are several yard drainage solutions that can help you and your home. A proper drainage system can help keep your property healthy and thriving. A landscaping company can design and install a system that works for your yard. Let’s go over drainage solutions and how a landscaping specialist can help.

Drainage Issues

yard drainage solutions

Some signs that you have poor drainage include standing water long after it rains, leaks in your basement, and soil erosion. An improper drainage system can attract mosquitoes and other pests. Since mosquitoes breed in standing water, it’s important to take care of this problem as soon as possible. Poor drainage can cause damage to your foundation and yard. These problems can be expensive and a hassle to fix. A faulty drainage system can lead to reduced soil fertility and the creation of uneven surfaces. The sooner you correct a drainage problem, the better off your property will be. Contact a landscaping specialist to install a proper drainage system.

Solutions for Yard Drainage

A few solutions for yard drainage problems include downspout extensions, grading, and French drains. A downspout extension is an attachment that directs rain away from the foundation of your home. Grading the area around your home is another option for correcting poor drainage. To keep water away from a structure, you need a one inch per one foot slope away from the foundation. Another drainage solution is installing a French drain, which collects water and moves it away from your home. A proper drainage system can help keep your home and yard in good condition after heavy rain. Contact a landscaping company to develop and install a drainage system that works for you and your property.

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