Yard Maintenance 2022

Yard Maintenance 2022

It is essential to keep up with your yard maintenance, especially in the late summer and early fall. The seasonal transition prompts several changes to your lawn care. Some services that need adjustments include mowing and clean up. These changes will help your lawn continue to thrive. Let’s go over what should be addressed in the late summer and early fall.

Yard Mowing

Mowing is one of the most basic maintenance services. In the summertime, keep grass a little bit longer. This prevents your lawn from suffering in the extreme temperatures. Mowing continues into the late summer and early fall. It is very important to keep up with mowing during this time. Keep a consistent schedule and height so your lawn will thrive. We recommend hiring a lawn service company to make sure your grass is cut correctly.

Yard Clean Up

Another essential part of yard maintenance is clean up. Trimming is one aspect of clean up services. This encourages the growth of plants and keeps them looking clean. Weeding is another feature of yard clean up. Getting weeds out of flower beds is important because they compete for light, water, and nutrients. Weeding also refreshes your garden bed and makes your plants stand out. During the fall, leaves start to drop. It is vital to clean up any leaves in your yard. Leaves will inhibit the growth of your grass if left alone. Lawn technicians can clean up your yard in a timely manner.

Mowing and clean up are necessary services to keep your grass thriving. Hiring a professional lawn care company to keep up with maintenance saves time and money. Knowledgeable technicians will take great care of your yard. 

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