Frequently Asked Questions- Mowing in Kansas City

Frequently Asked Questions- Mowing in Kansas City

Mowing in Kansas City: FAQ

When asking questions about mowing, it can come with a lot of different answers depending on the area you live in. Kansas City typically has fescue grass. This is going to be the best answers for mowing in Kansas City based off of the type of grass and the climate for this area. There are 5 commonly asked questions below, if you have more questions please contact LDK Lawn Services.

1. What happens if it rains?

If it rains, then all scheduled mowings will be mowed back one day or combined with another mowing route the day before. If it is not going to rain till the afternoon, then there will be mowing crews out in the morning. Rain in Kansas City is very common and will not prevent your lawn from getting cut, it just may move you forward or back a day.

2. What is a good grass height for my Kansas City lawn?

Grass in Kansas City is typically fescue, which should be maintained at 3-4 inches. When mowing in Kansas City it is typical to leave grass clippings on the ground to use as a small barrier to keep pests away from the roots of the grass.

3. How often does my grass need cut?

Kansas City Mowing

Grass in Kansas City needs to be cut between every 5-7 days. This is all pending weather and the amount of rainfall that has been received. Mowing more frequently will burn the grass and cause damage.

4. What if I my grass does not need mowed?

If the lawn appears to not need mowed, then a mower will attempt to contact the customer to see if they would like to skip this mow. At that point the decision is up to the customer, if they are not able to be reached then we will skip the property to prevent damage to the lawn. The customer can request a mower to come back if they answer later. A customer can also call anytime to skip a mowing.

5. Why should I hire a mowing service?

A mowing service in Kansas City will make sure you don’t have to worry about taking the time each week to mow your lawn. You save money on owning a mower and performing the maintenance on it compared to when you hire a lawn care company.

Hiring a mowing company in Kansas City can be a hard decision. Pick the company that is right for you and will treat your lawn like their own. If you have more questions about mowing please email

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