Landscaping Career: Where To Start

Landscaping Career: Where To Start

Do you enjoy working outdoors? Have you been considering switching careers? Are you already working in landscaping and want to move up? This article is for you then. We will explore if a landscaping career is for you, what you need to know to get started, and what you need to progress in the industry. Starting a new career can be scary if you are unprepared and not sure what to expect. It can also be very rewarding to excel in a position that you enjoy.

Is A Career in Landscaping for You?

Having a love of being outside is only scratching the surface of what it takes to work in landscaping. Wanting to work with your hands is also important. Landscaping is a lot of physical labor. You might not have to be in great physical shape to start, but you have to be prepared to get into shape while working. Most people who quit while exploring a landscaping career is because they were not prepared for the physical aspect of the job while in the hot and cold weather.

What You Need to Get Started?

Before and After of a landscaping project in the Kansas City area.

You do not need a degree to pursue a landscaping career. If you are wanting to be a landscape designer, there is a college degree that is preferred. In that college course you learn plant knowledge, design skills and programs, building skills, and management skills. Overall, most successful landscapers start from the ground up. They work in the field, manage crews, and then move on to manage landscape departments. There are individual courses that can be taken to help develop designing skills and teach software.

How Do You Move Up In The Industry?

If you are looking for a landscaping career and not just a job for a season, then constant learning is a must. Not every property is the same and will sometimes require on the fly thinking. You have to be willing to adapt and learn new skills. Growing landscape companies are common and need strong individuals to help them grow. Company loyalty goes a long way in the landscaping industry. Staying with an employer develops trust that is used to move you in the company and in your landscaping career.

Switching to a new career can be scary, but the more information you have the more prepared you will be. Landscaping careers are a great place to grow and move up in an industry. Hard work and dedication is greatly valued in this industry. If you have more questions about what it is like in the landscaping industry, email

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