Leaf Removal: Why Leaves Matter

Leaf Removal: Why Leaves Matter

On the surface, leaves are annoying. One day you have these beautiful trees with pretty leaves and the next day they are on your lawn and brown. Now you are trying to walk through several inches of leaves just to get the mail, get to the car, or just to take the dog out. At this point in the year you’re thinking “I want those leaves gone” or “What’s the point of picking them up at this point?”. These are all valid feelings towards leaf removal. The reality is that you do need to remove leaves one to three times before the first snow hits. For everyone questioning why they even need a leaf removal, this article is for you.

Why leaves matter?

Leave’s do need to be removed. However, they do have nutritional value. Leaves catch nutrients from the rain and insects that touch it on the trees. That can then be transferred into your lawn. That being said, too many leaves will suffocate your lawn all winter. There is a balance between the two and leaves 100% need removed before the first snowfall to avoid any suffocation.

What is the best way to get rid of leaves?

Leaf truck picking up a huge pile of leaves

There is the traditional rake option, leaf blowers, and mulching over the leaves. When you start removing leaves use a leaf blower at first. Rakes are great and very helpful to get all the leaves up, but they can damage grass roots if there is too much pressure applied. Only use a rake for the left over and more difficult to reach leaves.  Mulching the leaves is mowing over them and letting them release those nutrients into the ground. This is only useful if you have already raked up most of the leaves. Of course the best method of removing leaves is to hire a professional who has all the equipment that is safe for your lawn.

What should you do with your leaves?

Leaves need to be bagged or vacuumed into a leaf truck. If they are not then your leaf removal will be for nothing. They will blow back onto your lawn or if left in a pile will suffocate your lawn in that spot. Leaf removal specific bags are often better, they decompose faster than a normal plastic trash bag. Most lawn care companies will come and dispose of your leaves for you, even if you want to rake them yourself. By hiring a company to take away a leaf pile, you can skip the bagging process all together becoming more environmentally friendly.

Overall for a healthy lawn in the spring, leaf removal is not an option. Some lawns only need it once a year, but a lawn with a lot of trees will need more than one. You have to have them removed before the first snowfall. The ice build up is enough to harm your lawn, you do not need leaves to add to that. Hiring a professional lawn care service is the fastest and easiest way to get a leaf removal completed. Get a FREE leaf removal quote for the Kansas City area by clicking here or calling (913) 568-5013.

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