Fall Landscaping in Kansas City

Fall Landscaping in Kansas City

Now that summer is over, it is time to think about fall and your fall lawn care. Fall landscaping dictates how your lawn reacts and grows in the spring. Keep in mind, it will always cost more to recover a lawn than to maintain it. Let’s go over some maintenance items that your landscaping company can do to help your lawn stay in its best shape. 


Keeping your lawn clean and debris free is the first step. This is not just a fall item, do this all year round. Leaving items on your lawn creates dead spots. Make sure you are rotating swing sets and other large items to avoid that throughout the year. If there is a storm, make sure to schedule a clean up for as soon as you can after. Keeping your lawn clean all year is essential to its health. 

fall landscaping and local lawn care company performing a fall clean up of leaves and sticks

Leaf Removal

Everyone loves when the leaves change in the fall, but no one likes to pick them up. The colors are beautiful to see, leaf removal is not quite as fun. Scheduling 2-3 leaf removals a year with your landscaping company will insure your lawn is taken care of as the season changes. It is important to make sure the grass is clean before the snow falls so that it does not compact and suffocate the lawn. 


Before the leaves start to fall, in early fall, aeration and overseeding will help your lawn breathe and reduce thatch. It removes cork sized holes from the lawn allowing the roots to breathe and gain nutrients. Adding overseeding to this service will create a thicker lawn come spring. It is important to have a professional aerate your lawn to avoid tearing up any areas. 

Fall landscaping can make our break your lawn and the way it grows back in the spring. Taking care of these items now will cost less than trying to recover your lawn in the spring. Scheduling a landscaping company to do your full service fall landscaping will ensure that your lawn can survive the winter. 

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