Spring Lawn Maintenance

Spring Lawn Maintenance

Spring is here and the weather is getting better and better every week. It’s time to start spring lawn maintenance. Services that start in the spring include fertilizer, mowing, and sprinkler activation. Lawn maintenance helps improve the health and appearance of your grass. Having a beautiful lawn will also help your property stand out and increase your curb appeal. Let’s go over what services to keep in mind this spring.

Spring Fertilizer

spring lawn maintenance

Fertilizer is an important part of your lawn care. We recommend enrolling in a seven step fertilizer program. This provides nutrients throughout the year. The first treatment is the Early Spring application. Benefits of this treatment include helping your lawn recover from winter and preventing new weeds from germinating. The second treatment is the Late Spring application. This treatment prepares your lawn for summer and adds more pre-emergent to prevent new weeds. Fertilizer promotes a solid foundation of deep root systems while boosting thickness and color. Consistent applications diminish weeds and make your grass more resilient to disease. Contact a professional lawn care company to apply the proper amount of fertilizer to your grass. 

Other Spring Lawn Services 

Another spring lawn maintenance service is mowing. The mowing season starts in the springtime. This service is an essential component to a healthy lawn. A professional lawn care company usually mows, trims edges, and blows off paved surfaces. Professional companies also typically follow the one-third rule. This means that the top one-third of your grass is cut. Cutting more than this can damage your lawn and cause appearance problems. Sprinkler activation is another spring lawn maintenance service. Professional technicians activate sprinkler systems in the springtime. This is also the time that each zone is checked for proper coverage, pressure, and operation. Contact a professional lawn care company for mowing and sprinkler activation services.

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